Fall 2015

I photographed race cars earlier this fall. Track rules insist that I wear a safety vest to ensure the drivers can see me. To see how effective it was, I asked one of the drivers "Hey, can you see me to ensure I don't get hit?" and he responded, "We can see you, but you look more like a target in that vest." Next year, I may ensure they avoid me by shooting the event naked.
There is no way that the person who designed this space was not a fan of Star Trek. Watch the GIF to see the shot I took, and the transporter room from Star Trek. Live long and prosper my friends.
Climbing on a ladder to shoot these larger group shots is often fun for me. Without my glasses on however, they do look a little like a stepped on blueberry to me. Always makes me hold onto the ladder a little tighter when that thought crosses my mind.
What is it about those little patches of facial hair that make people look like a villain from a comic book movie? And yet, Steve is a really nice guy.
Toronto's CN Tower. In an era of unaffordable housing, this is perhaps not the best use of vertical space. Still a great place to eat though.
Wow. This $2.7 BILLION facility is impressive. Have to wonder what my Dad would have thought about a hospital with this many science and technology services. Such a long way from his advice to me -  "just walk that one off" after most of my childhood injuries.
Magazine cover for a company in Markham that has developed the latest in Virtual Reality.  Apparently, I am a man of the future as all these tools seem to revolve around experiencing life experiences while sitting on a couch.
I photographed the new commissioner of the CFL and some senior staff this past fall. Not many people think they can run a bank or a financial institution, but every guy in a bar thinks he has all the answers for what a professional sports league needs to be doing. I think this would be a tough job as most of your critics are holding a beer as they dispense advise with a slur.
I photographed Charles way back in 2008 or so for an editorial review of his new company. He contacted me again in the fall of 2015 for an updated image that would incorporate the older style. I can't believe this guy actually looks so much younger to me than he did in the old photo. I've been following him since in a failed attempt to be led to the fountain of youth.